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When you hire a real estate agent from Absolute Real Estate to sell your home, we bring our expertise and passion for people to the table. Before your house goes on the market, we’ll provide you with a listing packet and have a listing appointment that will let you know everything you need to know about the selling process—what we do, how we will market your home, and our areas of expertise. We will talk about the market value for your home and what you will end up walking away with. After you decide to list your home with us, our transaction coordinator will deal with all the details of your sale from start to finish. We’ll establish a list date and begin promoting your home. Once you have someone who is ready to go under contact on your home, you’ll have an appraisal and an inspection and we will walk you through all of that, making sure you’re ready for each step of the process. And when you arrive at the closing, we are there for that too, supporting your each step of the way.

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We know there is no shortage of real estate brokers to choose from when picking a listing broker. With Absolute Real Estate, you’ll find we make sure every detail is taken care of. The team members at Absolute Real Estate each bring unique experience to the table and we’re committed to serving our clients with the utmost compassion, clarity, and respect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered about selling a home in New Mexico.

When getting ready for an appraisal in Rio Rancho, the first thing we recommend you do is create a list of things that make your home special. Make sure you highlight features of your home that are upgrades, features that are new, or other things that set it apart from other homes in your area. Also, make sure your home is picked up and tidy so you can create a good first impression with the appraiser.
Before a home inspection, sellers in Rio Rancho might be tempted to worry. But, don’t stress. Just prepare your home as best you can by fixing anything that’s obvious and within your control. Touch up any paint that needs a touch up, fix cracks in that walls, make sure all your light switches are working, clear out any leaves and debris from the gutters and the roof, and keep you home picked up and key areas accessible like the AC unit, water heater, etc.
The real estate market is always fluctuating. Sometimes homes are flying off the shelves, other times they sit there for a few months before the right buyer comes along. Both situations are normal depending on the current market. By setting up an appointment with our real estate brokers at Absolute Real Estate, we can help you get an updated idea of what it looks like to sell your home in the current market.
As a real estate brokerage in Rio Rancho, we will provide an estimate of your home’s value based on closed sales within the immediate proximity of your home. New Mexico is a non-disclosure state, meaning that the selling prices of homes are not public record. So your Zestimate isn’t based on data from sale prices of comparable homes. These estimates can only compare list prices in your area and data that it gathers about your home like square footage, year built, etc.
It is possible, and legal, to sell your home without a real estate broker. It’s called FSBO or “for sale by owner.” However, the risks are certainly higher and there are many details to keep track of that are best handled by professionals with experience. A real estate broker markets your home for you, deals with all the paperwork including contracts, handles negotiations, and more. If you want to learn more about how a real estate broker can help you with the sale of your home, please give us a call!


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