Barbershops, Dental Clinics, and Pet Stores in Western Hills – Rio Rancho, NM

Western Hills has a number of barbershops, dental clinics, and pet stores we’ll discuss in this short post. First, a quick introduction to the area.

Western Hills is a neighborhood in Rio Rancho. It is a great place to live with its 89% owner-occupied homes and average household size of 2.5 members! It is a walkable area with schools and other stores and facilities nearby. Hereare some great places that you must see in Western Hills.

Artist Barbershop

Picture of Artist Barbershop 2345 Southern Blvd SE Suite C13, Rio Rancho, NM 87124

The Artist Barbershop in Western Hills, Rio Rancho is a local favorite for men’s hair cuts and shaves. They offer everything from simple styles to creative ones with colors uncommonly seen on the scalp!

Sonrisa Family Dental Rio Rancho

Picture of Madrid Dental - Now Sonrisa Family Dental Rio Rancho 2345 Southern Boulevard Southeast # B1, Ste B-1, Rio Rancho, NM 87124

Sonrisa Family Dental in Western Hills, Rio Rancho provides quality dental care to their patients. With services such as implant surgery, root canal treatment, etc., Sonrisa is committed to producing amazing results for both you and your smile.

One Google reviewer, Paula W., shared;

“This facility was absolutely amazing.  I was greeted immediately with a friendly smile and a professional attitude.  They were on time and very thorough.  They called me by name which made me feel special and like I was part of a family.  They were very knowledgeable and explained everything they were doing as they went along. I felt like they did not do things that were not necessary, which has been a problem for me at other dentist. They seemed very honest!  I would definitely recommend this dentist facility and I will be going back.”

Pet Food Gone Wild

Picture of Pet Food Gone Wild 2415 Southern Blvd SE #102, Rio Rancho, NM 87124

When Susana V., owner of Pet Food Gone Wild in Western Hills, Rio Rancho found out that there were no natural options available for dogs and cats she felt the need to create something that would meet this demand. The company has since trained their staff on all our products so they can help you find what’s right for your pet with minimal hassle! Pet Food Gone Wild is a locally owned and operated pet store that offers the healthiest options for your fur babies. They support natural diets, frozen raw or dry food – as well as tasty treats with plenty of toys.

Driving Directions Pet Food Gone Wild to Absolute Real Estate

Drive 9 min (4.7 miles)

Pet Food Gone Wild

2415 Southern Blvd SE #102, Rio Rancho, NM 87124, United States

Head southeast toward Southern Blvd SE

148 ft

Turn right onto 25th St SE

92 ft

Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Southern Blvd SE

1.8 mi

Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Rio Rancho Blvd SE

0.4 mi

Keep right to continue on NM-528 S/Rio Rancho Blvd SE

Continue to follow NM-528 S

2.0 mi

Turn left onto Northern Blvd NE

0.4 mi

Turn left onto Quantum Rd NE

Destination will be on the right

499 ft

Absolute Real Estate

661 Quantum Rd NE Ste.11, Rio Rancho, NM 87124, United States

What should I do to get ready for an appraisal?

When getting ready for an appraisal in Rio Rancho, the first thing we recommend you do is create a list of things that make your home special. Make sure you highlight features of your home that are upgrades, features that are new, or other things that set it apart from other homes in your area. Also, make sure your home is picked up and tidy so you can create a good first impression with the appraiser. 

What should I do to get ready for a home inspection?

Before a home inspection, sellers in Rio Rancho might be tempted to worry. But, don’t stress. Just prepare your home as best you can by fixing anything that’s obvious and within your control. Touch up any paint that needs a touch up, fix cracks in that walls, make sure all your light switches are working, clear out any leaves and debris from the gutters and the roof, and keep you home picked up and key areas accessible like the AC unit, water heater, etc.

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